Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Welcome to Cloudcast Basics

In 2011, Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely were two engineers focused on cloud infrastructure. They wanted to expand their knowledge and better understand how the public cloud was changing the technology and business landscape. So they started The Cloudcast podcast, with a simple goal - "Find the smartest people in the industry, try and learn something new, and put the conversations on the internet." After nearly 500 shows, The Cloudcast is consistently rated as the #1 independent Cloud Computing podcast in Apple Podcasts "Technology" category.

(L-R) Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely at the LinuxCon 2013 conference in New Orleans

While The Cloudcast has been very successful in building a broad audience of curious technologists, it does have one big flaw - How can anyone keep up with all the changes happening in our fast-moving industry? One of the most commonly asked questions from our audience was, "If I was getting started in Cloud Computing today, how would I know where to start?"

With the goal of trying to answer that question, we're excited to introduce Cloudcast Basics. Instead of having interviews with expert technologists, we're structuring these shows as a series of seasons. Each season (published monthly) will focus on a specific set of topics, and we'll present them in a way that will help beginners feel comfortable taking the next steps of learning. And instead of the typical 30-35 minute shows on The Cloudcast, the Cloudcast Basics shows will be 15-20 minutes. Each episode will be broken up into "Introduction", "Explain" and "Examples" segment, so that the listener will not only learn about the concept, but why it can be important to themselves or their business.  

[NOTE: We're still going to be creating weekly shows for The Cloudcast, in fact we're adding a 2nd weekly show in 2021.]

So just like in 2011, we're excited to get started on this new project, and we're not exactly sure how it will evolve. We're hoping that it creates a whole new set of people that are excited to learn about Cloud Computing. And as we've always said, if you like the show, tell a friend and give us a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts. It's always been the community that has made The Cloudcast fun, and we hope to make Cloudcast Basics just as worthwhile for a new and expanded community. We hope you'll join us. 

- Aaron and Brian